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Preparing for a Session

Tips on Preparing for your Dog Photography Session

Make sure your dog gets a good amount of exercise BEFORE the session. You know your dog best, so please exercise him enough to relieve any over-excitement but not enough to totally wear him out.

For long haired dogs, it is best if your dog has been groomed before the session. If this is not possible, at a minimum, they should be brushed. Wipe any tear stains from around your dog’s eyes.

If your dog will be wearing any clothing, please make sure you try the clothing on before the session to make sure that it is comfortable. I do NOT recommend dressing up dogs who are not used to wearing clothing on a daily basis.

I generally provide a variety of healthy treats, but if  your dog has special dietary needs, please bring any special treats that they can eat. Please let me know if your dog has any allergies or special needs.

If your dog has a favorite toy, blanket or something else that you would like included in your photographs, please feel free to bring it along.

Consider being included in a few photographs with your pet! Your friends and family will cherish images that include you as well as your pet.

What to Wear

Consider being in some portraits with your pet. Your friends and relatives will cherish the images that include you as well as your pet. Since you want your portraits to highlight your pets, please follow these general guidelines to avoid distracting clothing.

WEAR SOLID COLORS!! Bold patterns such as stripes or plaid will draw the eye away from your face and your pet. Avoid anything with writing on it.

Colors that are on the darker side and somewhat muted photograph best with animals. Some good color options include grey, blue, burgundy, brown, olive and khaki. Please do NOT wear white or anything very bright.

Wear comfortable clothing that is not too tight. You will need to be able to move around. Long pants and long sleeves photograph better, especially if you have fair skin or uneven tan lines.

Make sure your feet look good. Darker colored shoes are best. Please do NOT wear white sneakers.

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