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two baby guinea pigs in tea cups

March is Adopt a Guinea Pig Month – Fairfax VA Pet Photography

two baby guinea pigs in tea cups

Did you know that March is Adopt a Guinea Pig Month?  Many people think of animal shelters as a great place to adopt a dog or a cat.  They don’t always realize that many shelters also have all kinds of other animals, including Guinea Pigs! Recently I had a special visit from Mama Hermione and her two baby Guinea Pigs.   Hermione and the babies are currently in a wonderful foster home.  When she has finished nursing, Hermione will be available for adoption from the Fairfax County Animal Shelter.

Here is what her foster mom had to say about Hermione and about caring for Guinea Pigs in general…

mother guinea pig with two babies

Hermione with her two babies

Hermione is an amazing momma of two litters – she’s had five babies in the past few months! After being busy as a mom for so long, she’s is ready for a break! Hermione is deserving of an owner who will provide unconditional love, and possibly who has another guinea pig that is also looking for a friend. You can easily earn Hermione’s trust by hand feeding her her favorite veggie, romaine lettuce. Hermione has learned that the rustling of a bag or a refrigerator door opening means food is soon to follow. In addition to lettuce, Hermione enjoys lap time and being stroked. When she was pregnant with her last litter, she was extremely welcoming to humans feeling her babies kick. Harry Potter is her favorite story, and she will happily enjoy reading and watching all the books/movies with you!

two baby guinea pigs eating lettuce

Guinea Pigs do well in pairs

Guinea pigs are very social creatures and do well in pairs. They make a variety of sounds, and learning what they all mean can help you determine what they are trying to tell you! They need spacious cages that should be cleaned weekly. Chew toys will keep them entertained and assist with keeping their teeth from overgrowing. Timothy hay should be available at all times! A guinea pig’s main diet consists of timothy hay and timothy hay-based pellets. Veggies should be considered treats and should not be their main food source. Guinea pigs cannot produce their own Vitamin C and should receive supplement drops in their water. Guinea pigs enjoy hiding and crawling through tunnels. Try rearranging the objects in their cage during every cleaning to help them stay entertained!

Fun fact…Baby Guinea Pigs are born with their eyes open and with all of their hair.  They look just like adult Guinea Pigs only much smaller.  Here is Hermione with her “Mini Me” baby

mother guinea pig with baby guinea pig

Mama and her Mini Me

For more information on animals currently available for adoption at the Fairfax County Animal Shelter, please visit the shelter’s page on Petango.  Artful Paws photography is proud to provide photography services to the Fairfax County Animal Shelter. For more information on Fine Art Pet Photography in Northern Virginia, Dc or Maryland, please visit my website.

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